Steve Morris for Woodbury City Council

Campaign Issues

These are just some of the reasons I hope to be elected to our City Council.  If you have other issues or items you want to hear my opinion, please contact me!

Campaign Issue: Taxes

Taxes.  Our city requires a budget of over $84million dollars a year to support and maintain.  41% of that budget comes from our property taxes and is one of the biggest responsibilities of your elected city council.  As a candidate I've studied previous city budgets, so I can help answer your questions and so I can enter the council informed and prepared.

In a 2017 survey, 6 of 10 residents do not support an increase in taxes to maintain city services.  In that same survey, the quality of city services was routinely above 90%, however the value of those services only received a 66% excellent or good rating.  If elected, I want to find ways to improve the engagement of residents, to ensure we have a greater understanding and perception of the value of our taxes at work.

In my career, I've had varying levels of responsibility for the development of the budget and business plans with similar and greater values, and complexities.  I have the experience and desire to learn, to ask, and to work with the other members of the council to help our community remain one of the top places to live and to do business.  

Campaign Issue: Anti-Activist

Chatting with ResidentsI have seen first hand, what happens when a city council is overtaken by activist members and agenda's.  I'm not that candidate.  

I don't come into this election with a long list of policies or directions I'd like to see Woodbury take.  I want to hear from you what YOU think the city should be doing.  

I've seen when council's are aggressive and cutting edge in their policies and agendas.  Too often the voice of reason gets drowned out.  It's important to hear all sides of an issue or policy to make measured and strategic decisions.  I promise to work for Woodbury, to learn as much as I can about a decision regardless of my preliminary thoughts, BEFORE I make the decision.  

Woodbury enjoys a quiet personality.  I hope to keep it that way by not aggressively pursuing agenda's and policies that lack the support and the beginnings from the residents themselves.  

Too  Much TrafficCampaign Issue: Infrastructure & Growth

Our community has seen consistent growth in both residential new building and commercial (both new and re-developed).  If elected to our city council, I want to ensure we're keeping the residents informed about the growth and both the impact and state of our infrastructure.  

As our community is now celebrating it's 51st anniversary we have aging assets and infrastructure that will need investment and perhaps replacement, all while we continue to grow.  

The 2030 and 2040 Comprehensive plans look to add 11,500 and 21,500 new residents respectively.  This will mean more traffic, more resources needed to keep our community safe and healthy, and more resources to administer the cities business.   

I will look to ensure we do so in a sustainable and responsible manner to ensure Woodbury continues it's place among the top places to live and work.

Campaign Issue:  Housing

JaneIf elected, I look forward to working with city administration to find ways to encourage growth of housing across all spectrums of a residents life-stage.

I feel strongly we lack the housing inventory in affordable entry-level options like apartments, condo's and townhomes.  We have a strong entry level employment community, but lack the work-force to support it.  I want these employees to have ample opportunities to live in our city, not just come here to work in it.

Next I believe we need to ensure we have a place as our community ages, for us to stay in our community with housing options including maintenance reduced as well as the varying options for assisted living and elder-care facilities.  If elected, I look forward to working to provide incentives and opportunities for these types of development.

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