Steve Morris for Woodbury City Council

Tomorrow, Today!

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A fresh voice for Woodbury, with a wide range of experience and able to guide Woodbury "Tomorrow, Today!"

New Experience

It's not often you see a fresh face in politics with a wide breadth of experience, but Steve is that candidate.

Working for 20+ years in and with cities across the state of Minnesota, Steve knows first hand what things look like when they work, and when they don't!


What do you get when you cross someone who's not a pessimist and not an optimist?  You get Steve.  Known for listening to both sides of an issue, and cutting to the chase, Steve has a professional track record of asking questions, of making tough choices, and evaluating the results.  

  The best preparation for Tomorrow is doing your best Today!                      H. Jackson Brown, Jr

As a lifelong fan of Minnesota sports, Steve is the absolute Realist.  Seasons always start with big hopes and dreams, but as any Minnesota fan knows, it doesn't always end that way.  

Steve believes this same commitment to our sports teams is the same approach he hopes to have if elected to City Council.  

We have high expectations and want the very best for our neighbors, but we have to be real about our situations.  Rising property values creates higher tax liabilities for our homeowners.  More residents means more traffic and burden on our emergency services, public works and utilities.  Let's be real about these concerns, and address them.  We can't wait for the next season, the time to address them is today!

Steve with his Mom and Fiance supporting the Twins
Steve with his mom and fiance' supporting the Twins

Help Steve out, ask for a lawn sign today!



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